About us


I have been working in the health and wellness space for over a decade and have always prioritized variety and effectiveness. I am someone who has battled chronic pain and autoimmune disease my whole life and started my fitness journey because I felt let down by the medical system and wanted to look at proactive approaches to wellness.

When I first started exercising it was hard. I was a struggling student with no money for a gym membership and could barely workout for 10 minutes at a time. I essentially had to force myself through it, and I remember the grind to get to a point where basic exercises were tolerable. After that, I started researching and developed a progressive strategy to improve my fitness until I finally found a way to enjoy workouts. I began noticing that I needed movement in my every day life, it helped me feel productive, accomplished, and fulfilled.

I was able to move off of most of my medications and felt better and better with each passing week. I am now in my 30s and am the healthiest I have ever been. I now see my daily movement as an escape from a demanding job, a way to relieve stress and a constant when the world around me seems to be continuously changing. With the onset of COVID, it felt particularly important to me to continue to pass this feeling of control and mental wellness on to customers all over the world. 

We stock equipment that prioritizes portability, effectiveness and variety. While we advocate for traditional strength training or cardio (or whatever routine you can stick with!), we feel functional movement is what keeps you feeling young, engaged and more likely to achieve your goals. Functional movement uses tools that are more likely to mimic movements found in every day life. This can help with pain management and seeing a real return on strength and wellness.  

My background is in kinesiology and psychology and I have spent my career specializing in working with special populations (athletes, people in pain, and individuals with chronic conditions). I find myself designing programs that clients and customers can do from home, while traveling or at any gym. 

I find people are most likely to continue routines that are:

  • Accessible (little to no commute time, cost effective)
  • Sustainable (It isn't so daunting that you don't want to continue)
  • Fun (Something that is more than counting reps and sets, or something that breaks a normal pattern for them to keep them mentally sharp as well as physically strong)
  • Effective (Actually works when you put in the effort)

Today, I help people find personalized routines that work for them to look and feel their best. I don't believe in standardization, so even though there are pieces of equipment that I sell, the way that each person gets the most of it may vary (and that's okay!) I help develop products to help people with chronic conditions (among other things, I am a serial entrepreneur in the health space) in addition to Superhuman. If you have questions about choosing the right equipment for your home gym, please email me at hello@superhumanhomefitness.com and I would be happy to assist you.