2020 is over (thank goodness!) and some of you may be looking for ways to improve your overall health and wellness going into 2021. With masks and hand sanitizer being top of mind for many, we wanted to focus on some techniques that will help you build up your immune system and feel better even if you're spending time in isolation.


Move every day even if it’s from your living room, outdoors or wherever you are. It’s not just about weight loss or gaining muscle (even though those are wonderful benefits of exercise). It’s about helping you stay balanced and healthy mentally, so choose a movement that feels good for you. You also don't have to spend hours every day exercising, carve out the time you can commit to and move. Even if it's 10 or 20 minutes, something is always better than nothing. 

movement is important


Drink adaptogens. Our personal favorite adaptogens are chaga mushrooms and cordyceps that are known to help with sports performance and recovery and are packed full of antioxidants. But if you want to keep it simple turmeric, ginger and others are easy to find, inexpensive and can be taken as supplements if you’re not digging the taste. We personally prefer drinking our adaptogens as a tea to start our day in place of caffeine to feel our best and recommend you do the same. 


Eat a diet rich in anti inflammatory foods. It helps you fight free radicals because anti inflammatory foods like dark leafy greens, berries, and healthy fats are full of antioxidants. Eat the rainbow, but be aware that just because it’s ‘healthy’ it may not work for you. Blanket or generalized diets don't work because we all have unique needs, so pay attention to your body. Avoid foods that make you feel lethargic, bloated or overall depleted. We recommend journaling, even if it is just for a few weeks to establish a baseline. See how you feel and stick to what works! It doesn’t have to be complicated Try to prioritize sleep.

leafy kale salad full of anti oxidants


Consistent sleep will help you manage mental health, especially when paired with a regular movement routine. When life gets stressful, even if you lose the opportunity to move ensure you don't compromise on rest. Establish a bedtime routine and stick to it (even on the weekends!). Try to limit screen time up to an hour before bed and ensure you set boundaries so you are never bringing your work laptop into the bedroom. Try to keep your bed/bedroom a sacred space for rest. 


Lastly, try to get outside. Even 15 minutes of sunshine with a low intensity walk and your favorite podcast will make a difference. If you live in a densely populated area and don’t feel safe going outside right now due to covid be sure to supplement vitamin D3. Vitamin D also helps keep depression at bay and getting outside to move can be the best way to feel creative or get inspired especially if you have been cooped up inside.


sunshine for immune system

We hope these tips will help! What type of content would you like to see from us next?